My Purpose of Life Philosophy

The purpose of life can be seen as a journey of growth, development, maturation, and transformation, culminating in self-actualization

“The full realization of one’s potential”

– Abraham Maslow

How can one achieve self-actualization and reach their full potential?

Achieving self-actualization and reaching one’s full potential may seem like a monumental task. However, it can be made achievable by breaking it down into manageable steps. This involves segmenting your life into distinct areas, assessing your current status in each, and setting clear goals for improvement. Once these goals are set, you can then take strategic action steps towards achieving them. Utilizing a well-structured model for first identifies the important areas and then setting goals for each area can streamline and make this process more effective.

Discovering a Comprehensive Model for Goal Setting: Mapping Out Your Life Areas

Identifying a role model for these life areas can be achieved by observing others who have succeeded in various areas of life and using them as role models. One such role model is Tony Robbins, originally coached by Wyatt Woodsmall.

Dr. Woodsmall, who has mentored some of the most influential people in the world, provided a valuable model for goal setting in his training with Eben Pagan.

In Wyatt Woodsmall and Eben Pagan – Mind Control Program, they taught us a useful model to use for goal setting. The model divides life into internal and external areas, with the internal encompassing physical aspects, emotions, and education and the external encompassing wealth, relationships, and work. It looked something like this:

PHYSICALIn or On Your BodyYour Wealth
EMOTIONALYour EmotionsYour Relationships
INTELLECTUALYour EducationYour Work

At the time, I recall contemplating the absence of a ‘SPIRITUAL’ domain. Upon reviewing the training and revisiting the exercise at home, I felt it necessary to include ‘Spirituality’ into these life sectors. This addition introduced a new dimension to my goal-setting framework. Thus, the revised structure of my life areas for goal setting was established.

PHYSICALIn or On Your BodyYour Wealth
EMOTIONALYour EmotionsYour Relationships
INTELLECTUALYour EducationYour Work
SPIRITUALYour EthosYour Community

How My Journey Shaped My Understanding of Life Areas

My personal exploration into various disciplines has greatly influenced my understanding and categorization of these areas.

During my training as a hypnotist, I delved into the realms of hypnosis, mesmerism, and energy work.

My travels to Thailand exposed me to Eastern philosophies such as Tao and Chi, where I studied Qigong techniques under Mantak Chia’s guidance.

Additionally, my husband and I participated in a Tantra workshop, acquiring knowledge about Tantra couples’ yoga, Tantra meditation, and various other Tantric massage techniques.

This expanded knowledge fueled the integration of ‘ENERGY’ into my goal-setting domains, thus crafting a comprehensive model for focusing on various life areas.

Internal Areas (How You Treat Yourself, Your Self-Care)

  1. Physical Health and Fitness
  2. Emotional Health
  3. Personal Development and Self-Improvement
  4. Internal Moral Code and Ethics
  5. Bio-Energy/Chi

External Areas (How You Show Up and Present Yourself In The World)

  1. Financial Health and Property Management
  2. Relationships and Social Connections
  3. Professional Growth and Intellectual Contributions
  4. Community and Social Involvement
  5. Flow and External Energy Management

This comprehensive model provides a clear structure for setting goals and achieving balance in life.

The 10 Life Areas For Setting Goals


The purpose of life is a journey of growth, development, and transformation, culminating in self-actualization. By segmenting life into manageable areas and setting clear goals for improvement, you can achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. This comprehensive model addresses both internal and external aspects of life, fostering personal development and balance. By focusing on these areas, you can realize your full potential and create a well-rounded, fulfilling life.