Can I Be Hypnotized Quiz? Let’s Find Out With This Spinning Spiral Test.

Are you easy to hypnotize? Many people assume hypnosis is only possible if you have a charismatic hypnotist to assist you, but this isn’t the case.

Many people ask, “Can I be Hypnotized?” as soon as I tell them that I am a hypnotist. Many people do not believe they can be hypnotized, while some are just curious. Because of this, I decided to this article with a standard test that will help you answer this question. A spinning spiral test is a hypnotic experiment used by researchers to examine how well someone can be hypnotized by another person. 

If you want to know if you can easily be hypnotized, spin this spindle and try this hypnotizability test out – I am sure you will be quite amazed by the results. 

Spiral Hypnosis Test

Please follow these steps to take the test and then read the results table below.

1. Click here to open an animated spinning spiral

2. Look at the middle of the spinning spiral for 30 seconds 

3. Look away and immediately look at your hand and observe the results

4. Click the Back Button on your browser to return to this page and read your results below.

Hypnosis Spiral Results

What Did You See?Result
I just saw a spinning spiral. There was nothing unusual You are difficult to hypnotize.
As I looked at the spiral, it changed, and as I looked at my hand, it was swirling a bit.Quite easily hypnotized and can reach a deep state.
When I looked at the spiral, it changed a lot, it was much bigger than before, and even some different colors appeared. When I looked at my hand, it contracted and expanded repeatedly. It was quite dreamy.  You are very easily hypnotized and could be classified as a ‘somnambulist’

Percentage of People Who Reach Different Levels of Hypnosis

Hypnosis Research Studies have shown the following:

10% of people are nearly impossible to hypnotize deeply.

These people will only reach a very light state of trance (more like a light daydream). People who are very resistant to hypnosis will always stay in that light state of daydream. Though you may not fall into a deep hypnotic state, you can still achieve many benefits in a light hypnotic trance with hypnosis.

20% of the population are somnambulists – very deep hypnotic subjects

These people go into a deep hypnotic state very quickly and easily and will also go into very deep levels.

Because Somnambulists can reach a state of hypnosis very quickly, these are the type of people that stage hypnotists try to pick when they are doing a show. Stage hypnotists do tests before their shows when they pick ‘audience volunteers’ to find these people as they are the perfect subjects to do the ‘comedy’ acts you see.

These people will gain a lot from hypnotherapy and may experience results quickly.

The other 70% fall somewhere in between

The rest of the people can definitely be hypnotized, but not quite as quickly as the somnambulists. Most of the people who fall into this category will gain excellent results from hypnotherapy. If they are ready to change.

Trance is not difficult to achieve, but it will require some practice and persistence to achieve the most profound states of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a popular type of therapy for many people, including many athletes and sports enthusiasts. You’ll find that it helps them get better results.

Children Are Great Hypnotic Subjects

It is also important to note that children are more susceptible to hypnosis than adults. This is because they have fewer analytical abilities as they grow up learning and experiencing things first. That is why an active imagination and daydreaming are common for most children.