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"This guy is the best hypnosis coach I've ever had the pleasure to meet. He'll teach you the secrets other hypnotists daren't reveal. Michael Masterman is a genius. Just take his course to find out why!"

- Bradley Thompson, Self-Development Guru
- Official site: www.selfhelpstreet.com


"Let Me Show You The REAL Hypnosis Secrets

Learn How to Hypnotize in Minutes, Cure Phobias Instantly
& Control People's Thoughts in Regular Conversation!!"

(PLUS, I'll Show You How to Hypnotize Using Your PC, too!)

Dear Friend

Have you EVER wanted the power to SECRETLY control the whole world around you?

It may sound crazy, but can you imagine being able to tap into a secret super-human ability –

An ability that allows you to HEAL anyone of long-standing fears and problems
in just a few minutes.

An ability that allows you to CONTROL another person's thoughts
– EVEN during regular day-to-day conversations!

An ability that allows you to change your OWN thought patterns instantly
– literally drop bad habits, improve your brain, ANYTHING, in an INSTANT!

Sounds like magic?

It's NOT.

It's the power of *REAL* HYPNOSIS.

And using a few cleverly-mixed hypnotic "technologies," practically ANYONE can gain an AMAZING ADVANTAGE over anyone else in life -- just by following a few SIMPLE RULES.


Can YOU imagine winning ANY argument?
Can YOU imagine suddenly acquiring ANY fantastic new skill you desire?
Can YOU imagine influencing ANYONE you choose – Even SEDUCING them?

And how could all of THIS change your life? I mean, if it REALLY worked WONDERFULLY?

Couldn't that TRULY have a PROFOUND effect on everything you do from this moment onward?

Read on. Let me tell you more.


"Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, Michael!
Your course opened me up to exactly what hypnosis was capable of. I'm celebrating my tenth professional client tonight, thanks to you!"

- Denise Richardson, [email protected]*******.com
- Naples, ID

"Here Are the SECRETS of REAL Hypnosis...
Discover My Personal History & Why I Know These Secrets - PLUS: Learn Why Everyone Else Just PRETENDS To Know!"

My name is Michael Masterman...

I've worked in the self-development community now for over 26 years.

I've been taught by some of the best in the industry – including Tony Robbins, the late Earl Nightingale, Bradley Thompson and Dr John Grinder. In my younger days, I trained in hypnotherapy - and later ran my own hypnosis business for over five years.

I'm the best-selling author of "The Speed Reading Secret" and "The Cheat's Guide to Instant Genius," and I even helped produce the powerful Motivator software.

I'm also one of the co-founders behind the world's largest hypnotherapy website, Instant Hypnosis.

In my YEARS in the industry, I've read literally THOUSANDS of HYPNOSIS BOOKS.

I've even read many of the new online "hypnosis e-books" out of curiosity.

They ALL promise "secrets" you won't find anywhere else. And they ALL contain NOTHING but FAKE PADDING written by individuals that have obviously never even TRIED using hypnosis!

I even read one e-book that simply reprinted Wikipedia's section on hypnotherapy!

My point?

REAL HYPNOSIS is not simply a matter of getting someone into a trance then making a few suggestions. Anyone can do that. That's BASIC HYPNOSIS.

But REAL HYPNOSIS is all about combining everything we know about the brain, thereby turning YOU into a walking, talking SUPER-HUMAN – ready to ACTIVATE your skills at ANY moment.

You'll find yourself being able to covertly hypnotize individuals literally within seconds...

You'll automatically exude confidence and charisma. You'll be able to make life-long changes to your thought patterns literally in a couple of minutes. You'll be able to control conversations, instantly build rapport and make others WANT to help you!

That's REAL hypnosis – combining MULTIPLE "technologies" to create AMAZING effects that even most professional hypnotists can't reproduce!

But THAT sort of in-depth knowledge isn't easy to find!


"This isn't a question, but a testimonial. Please publish on your site. This is a great course and teaches so much more than it even says on your site! Can't recommend it enough. And it's already paid itself off ten times over!"

- Lee Benson, www.brainbullet.com


"For YEARS, I've Taught Students These Powerful SECRETS. Now I'm EXCLUSIVELY Sharing My Techniques....
With a SERIOUSLY LIMITED Number of Online Students!"

Discovering the secrets of REAL HYPNOSIS is difficult.

I mean, REALLY difficult.

And that's why every six months for the past five years, I've hosted an online broadcast seminar - typically recorded in Covent Garden, London. During the three days, I travel down to the capital to teach a maximum of 25 individuals the secrets of REAL HYPNOSIS.

The course is always INCREDIBLY popular – and if you decide to let me train you today, I'll let you know when I'm holding my next event.

Each attendee pays up to £1500 (around $3000) – and a number have attended more than once – all because of WHAT I TEACH.

I DON'T teach bull. I WON'T waste your time. I'm TOO impatient to give you techniques that don't work, or take too long before they "set in."

Instead, I show my students EXACTLY how they can use REAL, SUPER-FAST HYPNOSIS TRICKS to change THEIR lives – and the lives of others.

Everyone that attends walks away with either a NEW CAREER – or the most POWERFUL self-development tool they're EVER likely to discover!!


Because my techniques combine hypnosis with other leading self-development technologies. And I utilize tricks and tips that NOBODY ELSE KNOWS – or wants to share with you.

But there's only ONE of me – and $3000 is a pretty hefty price to pay for three days of material.

So, following the requests of self-development guru Bradley Thompson, I've taken FIVE MONTHS OUT to compile all of my secrets into one resource.

And I can GENUINELY say that what I've created is THE MOST EXCITING hypnosis and self-development course you'll EVER FIND.

It's name?

"The Secrets of REAL Hypnosis!"


"With a name like Paul McKennan, you'd expect me to be a hypnotist already! I thought I'd cash in on the fact – and found your course absolutely essential. Please pass on my hearty thanks. Most of this stuff I did NOT realize!"

-Paul McKennan, Arbroath, UK


Here's EXACTLY What I Want to Share With YOU -
NOBODY ELSE Exposes SO MANY Secrets in ONE Package!

Interested in learning more about REAL HYPNOSIS?

In my BRAND NEW COURSE, I've compiled EVERYTHING you need to know to get started in the world of hypnosis -- in just A FEW DAYS!

Whether you want to turbo-charge your own life using self-hypnosis, improve the lives of others using hypnotherapy, or entertain the world using stage hypnosis -- it's ALL INSIDE.


Just HARD-TO-FIND INFORMATION on REAL WAYS to CHANGE the LIVES of anyone you desire.

I GUARANTEE you'll be AMAZED at your new-found POWER after reading through this course.


Then read on to take a SNEAK PREVIEW of just a LITTLE of what you'll find inside my course...

Discover the TRUTH behind hypnosis – what it is and how it works

Uncover the 8 MYTHS of hypnosis - you might be surprised at the truth!

Learn the SIMPLE 4-PART hypnosis formula you'll NEVER forget – so you can hypnotize anyone, anywhere!

The QUICK experiment you can use to tell how EASY someone will be to hypnotize


Unravel the LITTLE-KNOWN "HI-TECH TRICKS" that MOST hypnotists don't even know about – and how they'll ROCKET your performance!

Find out how you can make ANYONE do ANYTHING you want, using the power of suggestion

How to tell when someone is FAKING IT – and what to do about it!

The 5 THINGS you absolutely MUST KNOW before hypnotizing someone – forget these and you're HISTORY!


The CORE SECRET TECHNOLOGIES of advanced hypnosis and how to use them – and I'm NOT just talking about NLP!

Discover the UNDERGROUND TECHNIQUES you can use to RAPIDLY deepen a "trance" – WITHOUT using any of the usual hypnotist tricks!

What INDUCTIONS really are – and how to use instant inductions to hypnotize in just SECONDS!

The 3 RULES of SUGGESTION – make sure you DON'T break these, or you could have the REVERSE effect on your mind!!

Who you SHOULD hypnotize – and who you absolutely should NOT, under ANY circumstances!

The SECRETS behind INSTANT HYPNOSIS – YES, IT EXISTS and I'll tell you how to tap into it!!

Discover ADVANCED hypnotic secrets – such as rapid inductions and misdirection!

What POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION is – and why it'll TREBLE your success rate!

How you can SUCCESSFULLY hypnotize a group of people at the same time – even if they don't know it!


HIDDEN HYPNOTIC COMMANDS – and how to plant them in your everyday conversations. This is a REAL gem!

Find out how to QUICKLY INFLUENCE (and EVEN SEDUCE!) ANYONE – using the powers of covert hypnosis!

Uncover the 8 SECRET TIPS for using hypnosis to persuade others to do EXACTLY what you want

Use a SPECIAL TRICK, made famous in a certain movie, to INSTANTLY gain rapport with anyone – this alone is worth the price of the course!

I'll then show you PRECISELY how you can use all of this knowledge to change your OWN life – using the power of self-hypnosis:

Why self-hypnosis is the MOST POWERFUL method of gaining new skills and removing fears – and how YOU can tap into it within minutes!

What self-hypnosis REALLY is – and how to self-hypnotize while-you-walk!

The conditioning hypnosis scripts you NEED – for improving your mind and breaking bad habits!

The SECRET 4-part self-hypnosis trick that will ACTIVATE your self-hypnosis state in RECORD time!

An EXCLUSIVE 7-PART script-writing formula you can use again and again!

PLUS: HYPNOTHERAPY - But it doesn't stop there. "Hypnotherapy" is the use of hypnosis in a positive, therapeutic manner – such as helping someone get over a fear, stop smoking, or gain a new skill.

I'll show you EXACTLY how you can gain AMAZING results with hypnotherapy – and even earn a six-figure income by providing your services as a professional hypnotherapist:

Discover EVERYTHING you need to become a hypnotherapist – it's EASIER than you think!

The 4 AREAS you'll need to focus on in hypnotherapy – and why they mean so much to the industry

The 8 STEPS you absolutely MUST perform to enjoy a successful hypnotherapy session - and satisfy your client

How to offer hypnotherapy as a COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE – and when this is a responsible method of treatment

The ESSENTIAL SCRIPT COLLECTION, covering everything from bad habits to fears, from physical disabilities to psychological issues!

The TEMPLATES you need to formulate your OWN scripts for ANY situation – just sit back and read!

The 5 LITTLE-KNOWN TIPS that will ensure your TOTAL success. Use these and you'll enjoy an unending stream of customers!

– And if you thought that was enough, you haven't yet discovered the most entertaining part: STAGE HYPNOSIS!

I'll show you HOW to turn your hypnosis hobby into the most well-earned, ENJOYABLE CAREER you've ever experienced. You'll discover:

The 6 SECRETS that every stage hypnotist knows – IGNORE THESE and you might as well throw away your career!

How to give an PERFECT show EACH and EVERY night – and HOW to QUICKLY recover from embarrassment

The ONE THING you must do at ALL times, or your hypnosis will NOT WORK!

DOZENS of routines for EVERY part of your show – just mix and match, I'll show you everything you need!

How to COPE with TWENTY PEOPLE all under hypnosis – all in action, on stage, all at ONCE!

The BIG ENDING – Your audience will LOVE you when you perform this one magical ending. I guarantee you'll be in stitches just READING about it!

How to get EVEN BETTER – with your FREE 4-POINT Performance Mentor!

The 6 BONUS TIPS for tricks that will leave your audience BEGGING for more!!

How to ROCKET your self-confidence prior to ANY show – and why you absolutely MUST, even if you feel fine!


You'll find ALL of this POWERFUL INFORMATION included in my brand new 160+ page course.

And it's available RIGHT NOW – to a limited number of online students.

Yes, YOU could be discovering ALL of these amazing secrets within just a few short days.

So -- Are YOU ready to discover the POWER of REAL HYPNOSIS?


"I deal with dozens of powerful people each day – and needed help with persuasion. Wow, you really rocketed my people skills. I can literally feel the power now! I never realized this course would change my life so much. Thank you, Michael!"

- Patrick Tinnirello, "Tinnirello Publishing"


BUT WAIT! - Don't Grab Your Copy of the Course YET!
Discover Your Free Audio Session BONUS -- PLUS the
FREE DIPLOMA You'll Receive on Completing the Course!

So – Are YOU interested in uncovering the world of REAL HYPNOSIS?

For a limited time only, I'm offering the ENTIRE COURSE – covering EVERYTHING you've seen above, and MORE – for an absolutely TINY price of $99.95.

You'll learn how to hypnotize anyone – in just MINUTES. You'll uncover the secrets to controlling ANYONE'S thoughts using a few simple tricks. You'll discover how to CHANGE ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE – using the amazing power of self-hypnosis.

And you'll discover a WHOLE NEW CAREER – with EVERYTHING you need to get started as a hypnotherapist or stage hypnotist.

Can you IMAGINE how POWERFUL you'll feel -- with all of this information at your FINGERTIPS?

NOBODY ELSE gives you all of this. And PLEASE, I encourage you to check!!


The FIRST 300 CUSTOMERS will ALSO receive a FREE HYPNOSIS Audio Session!

Simply sit back as I guide you through a sample self-hypnosis session for MEGA SALES SUCCESS – then listen to me give a sample hypnosis session for STOPPING SMOKING.


PLUS I'm issuing a FULL DIPLOMA to everyone that sits my course. I'll automatically send you a printable version around a month after you order.

Sample Diploma Certificate

The diploma is fully recognized and can be used to help prove your training and qualifications within the industry.

Again – it's yours FREE OF CHARGE, as thanks for being one of my first 300 customers!


"Since starting this course, I've enjoyed so much mental clarity. I've literally reprogrammed my life – and helped three family members too! The template scripts are absolutely critical. My best buy this year, thank you!"

- Jennifer Lansbury, www.dream-meanings-kit.com


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Learn Hypnosis

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Learn Hypnosis

Microsoft Windows REQUIRED to use this course.


"Wow, Michael – I love the new course. And I loved the seminar! After all your tuition, I'm now only working part-time at my usual job – And I've setup my own practice!! I plan to leave within a month!"

- Colin Henderson, ***************@b*.com
- Ripley, Derbyshire, UK

"Here's Something You Absolutely CANNOT BEAT -
Try Out the ENTIRE Course RISK-FREE for 3 MONTHS!!"

So, are YOU ready to discover all of these POWERFUL HYPNOSIS SECRETS?

And grab yourself a DIPLOMA and all of the bundled FREEBIES too?

Well -- Let me make the whole deal EVEN SWEETER for you!

I'd like to offer you an absolute IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE, enabling you to try out the ENTIRE COURSE absolutely RISK-FREE for a whole THREE MONTHS!

You WON'T find this ANYWHERE ELSE. Read on for the details.....

100% RISK-FREE Guarantee!

I promise you'll be absolutely AMAZED at the true
HYPNOSIS SECRETS I share inside this course!

But if, after three months, you've NOT experienced amazing
inner change, or you're NOT running a thriving hypnotherapy
business, or you're NOT charging thousands as a stage hypnotist
– or if for ANY REASON you're not ABSOLUTELY THRILLED...

... Then just RETURN the course to us for a FULL REFUND,
minus our original postage and packaging.

NO small print. NO questions asked. And it's a GUARANTEE
that's FULLY backed up by our publisher, Self Development Network.

Now that's the sort of guarantee you WON'T find anywhere else...


Take action – and claim the ENTIRE course and ALL of the freebies – WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Here's that special offer button ONE LAST TIME:

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Learn Hypnosis

Microsoft Windows REQUIRED to use this course.

Time is running out.

Make sure you purchase before midnight, November, 18th, to claim ALL of the BONUSES!

"Brilliant course, highly recommended. Please pass this on! I've actually started offering online hypnosis and hypnosis by telephone. Michael, you've given me my career, in Illinois and the world. Thank you!"

- Catherine Brock, hypqueen19**@gmail.com
- Tinley Park, IL


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Created by the leading experts in meditation, hypnotherapy, business, neurology and psychology to provide it's members with the most effective collection of courses on the market.
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When I started my journey into personal development I was overwhelmed by what was on the internet. Self Development Network is now the only place I trust to get the highest quality content. Since joining I've learned to speed-read, lost weight and started a new business!

Tina, Seattle WA


Hypnosis is one of the most powerful methods of self-development currently known to mankind.

And when combined with some of the awesome tricks and techniques I want to share, you'll discover how to literally turn into a SUPER-HUMAN.

You'll gain powers the average man and woman only dream about.

Using hypnosis, you can gain an advantage over EVERYONE in life.

And I absolutely GUARANTEE that I'm the best person to show you those secrets.

You know, I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

It's no coincidence that you're browsing this Web page...

This is your LAST CHANCE to take action now, before it's too late.

If you're even REMOTELY interested in this course (even if you think you're going to send it back!), then take advantage of my publisher's guarantee – and click HERE to grab your copy.

Let me take this chance to wish you the VERY BEST in all of your self-development endeavours!

Best wishes,

Michael Masterman, Accelerated Learning Author
Hypnosis Coach.com, part of the Self Development Network


PS. Do you know the difference between my online hypnosis seminars from London – and this course? EASY – This course is over $2950 cheaper AND includes two FREE hypnosis sessions and a BONUS audio session. Click HERE to grab your copy, today!

PPS. BEWARE of cheap imitations available elsewhere on the Internet. Most hypnosis courses are simply cheap e-books created from public domain material. This ISN'T – I wouldn't hold my reputation against anything less than OUTSTANDING. And this really IS amazing. Click HERE to find out how to make ANYONE do ANYTHING!

PPPS. Here's something I don't usually tell people – You're VERY welcome to keep the two FREE hypnosis sessions complements of Instant-Hypnosis.com, EVEN if you decide the course isn't for you. It's just my way of saying thanks for trying it out. Remember, if you DO find the program is not for you, there are NO questions asked. It's RISK-FREE, you have NOTHING to lose. Click HERE to grab your copy!

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