Step 2 – Being Inspired By The Success Of Others 

Once you become aware of the need to make a change, you also need inspiration. Being inspired by the success of others can significantly help you along your journey. Sometimes, inspiration comes from others who have lived through similar changes, from accounts of others who have made it, or even from famous quotations.

Read inspiring stories, accounts, and biographies. There’s nothing like reading about someone else’s success to inspire you to get started on your own. We’re often more likely to act on ideas that have been proven to work, but if you don’t have any examples in mind of what you want to try, it’s unlikely you’ll get very far. This is the kind of thing you want to research carefully, as there are many great stories about people who have achieved something great and from whom you can learn a lot. Don’t just read blogs and articles; read books and biographies. What you can learn from someone who has achieved a goal or overcome a challenge is amazing. Whether it’s the story of a successful entrepreneur, someone who is a role model to you, or a biography of a famous figure, reading these types of content is a great way to gain inspiration and motivation.

Find at least 3 examples where people accomplished something similar to what you want to do. This basic exercise requires you to find and collect 3 or more examples of people who have succeeded in accomplishing a similar goal. Once you have 3 or more examples, ensure they’re all related and relevant. After you’ve collected a large group of examples, it’s time to review them and begin to identify patterns. These patterns should include common factors (e.g., business model, process, products/services) and common traits (e.g., motivation, personality, leadership style). From here, you can begin to apply these patterns to your own life and business.

Consider the habits and practices of those who have already succeeded. How did they do it? If they had a problem that you’re trying to solve, would they have done anything differently? Would they have used this particular problem, strategy, or something else entirely? It’s not just the details of what they did that matter. It’s the way they went about things and their level of success that’s important. They may have started out small, but they ultimately succeeded because they kept at it.

Look for commonalities among those you admire. There are many commonalities shared by all successful people. If you look closely, you’ll notice that most successful people share a few characteristics in common: they are self-motivated, focused, and goal-oriented; they take action, not just talk about it, and they make decisions quickly.

Find out who your role model is. Whether in business or life, every person needs a role model. Role models have something that sets them apart. They are the people who have achieved what you want to achieve. When you set a goal and put yourself into action to achieve it, your actions will serve as a role model for you to follow. Who’s the guy or girl that you admire the most? Are they someone you would love to work with? If so, why? What qualities do they possess that you wish you could emulate? The goal is to learn everything you can about them, which will help you understand what type of person you want to be and inspire you to want to emulate them.

Where can you get more information about them? There are many online places to get information about people who inspire us in life. Whether it’s a celebrity, a company founder, or someone we admire in the news or the media, there are plenty of places to learn more about them. There are blogs, articles, and online videos dedicated to the person who inspires you. To learn more about the life of a successful entrepreneur, read about the experiences of someone who has been there. Look at their social media profiles to learn more about their daily lives. You might be surprised at the little insights you’ll learn about them—things you’d never expect.

What did they do differently than you? Do you have a role model? Whether it’s a real-life person or someone you admire for their work ethic, perseverance, and/or positive attitude, chances are, you know someone who’s done something similar to what you’re trying to accomplish. Think about what made them successful. Were they the best? Did they work harder than anyone else? What did they do differently? It’s easy to compare yourself to others. But instead, look at your role models and see how they are different from you. Maybe they are stronger than you. Maybe they are more skilled than you. Or maybe they have some experience that you lack. What are your role models doing differently than you?

What do you want to do better than them? Whether we’re talking about business, sports, politics, or music, there are always people who have come before us who we admire and who we wish we could be like. We should ask ourselves, “What do I want to do better than my role models?” We can learn something from them—but if we’re really going to be our best selves, we should try to be better than them in the ways that matter most to us. This question forces you to consider what you want to be great at doing or how you want to improve upon the work you do today. What is it about the work you do today that could be done better? Ask yourself if there are ways in which you can improve your day-to-day work so that you become the role model you want to be.

What advice would they give you? It’s helpful to ask yourself, “what would my role model do in this situation?” That doesn’t mean you need to follow someone else’s exact path. What advice would your role model give you if he or she were asked to recommend something you could do to improve your life? Would he or she tell you to follow a set of rules, such as eating less or exercising more? Or would he or she tell you to become aware of your emotions and change how you respond to them?

Use famous quotations to inspire you. Quotations from famous people can be incredibly motivational. They give you an inspiration boost and let you know you are on the right path. Famous quotes don’t have to be something like Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” to be inspirational or influential. Sometimes the simplest and most profound words can serve the same purpose.

How Hypnosis Can Help

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for drawing inspiration from others. It can enhance your focus and motivation, helping you internalize the success stories and habits of those you admire. Through hypnosis, you can visualize yourself achieving similar success, which can boost your confidence and commitment to your goals. Additionally, hypnosis can help reinforce positive thinking and keep you motivated as you work towards your objectives.


In conclusion, being inspired by the success of others is a powerful step in achieving your own goals. By studying the habits and practices of those you admire, finding commonalities, and seeking advice from role models, you can gain valuable insights and motivation. Incorporating hypnosis into this process can further enhance your ability to internalize these inspirations and stay focused on your path to success. Remember, inspiration is all around you—embrace it and let it guide you toward your dreams.